Workshop on End-of-Life Care and Estate Planning

Talks available online

In 2019 Pontifical Faculty hosted a workshop on end-of-life care and a Catholic perspective on estate planning. The first speaker was Fr. Thomas Petri, O.P, Vice President and Academic Dean of the PFIC, as well as associate professor of moral theology. A member of the Society of Christian Ethics, he has a doctorate from The Catholic University of America and is an expert on Church teaching as it relates to end-of-physical-life care. In 2015 he was a guest on the public radio program Interfaith Voices, debating Episcopalian Bishop Gene Robinson on euthanasia.

The second speaker was Mrs. Kimberly Martin Begg, Esq., one of the region’s most respected attorneys. A member of Saint Catherine of Siena Parish in Great Falls, Mrs. Begg received her juris doctor from George Mason University, and is active with a number of Catholic ministries. In her talk, she offered simple, practical strategies for planning one’s estate and ensuring that planned giving wishes are honored.

Both talks are available below. For more details about including the PFIC in your estate planning, please check the resources on our Planned Giving page.

Faithful Care: End of Life Decisions by the Very Rev. Thomas Petri, O.P.

A Catholic Perspective on Estate Planning by Kimberly Martin Begg, Esq.

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