2021 Commencement

On the early evening of Friday, May 14, Solemn Vespers and the Conferral of Degrees for students of the Pontifical Faculty of the Immaculate Conception took place in the priory chapel of the Dominican House of Studies. A private gathering consisting of faculty, staff, and members of the Board of the Overseers, assembled in the chapel to witness the conferral of degrees upon the graduates. Family and friends of the graduates were able to view the proceedings via livestream.

Degrees were announced by Very Rev. Dominic Langevin, O.P., Acting Dean, and formally presented by Very Rev. Kenneth Letoile, O.P., Vice-Chancellor and Prior Provincial, and Very Rev. Thomas Petri, O.P., President of the Pontifical Faculty. Click here for a list of the graduates.

Rev. Br. Isaiah Beiter, O.P., was awarded the Marie “Jackie” Brunetta Burse. The burse is given annually to a Dominican Brother ordained to the diaconate, who demonstrates consistent excellence in preaching. Br. Isaiah will be ordained to priesthood on May 22nd.

Ms. Molly Egilsrud was presented with the Frassati Scholar Award. The award is presented to the lay graduate who demonstrates not only academic excellence but also consistent leadership in service of the school, fellow students, and the Church. The award is named for the lay Dominican Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati who devoted his life to study, service of his fellow man, and spreading the Gospel.

The commencement speaker was Fr. Brian Daley, S.J., the Catherine F. Huisking Professor of Theology, Emeritus, at the University of Notre Dame. Fr. Daley was presented with the Saint Dominic Medal. The medal is awarded to those individuals who, through demonstrated competency in their life’s work, have advanced the ideals of the Pontifical Faculty, thus bringing honor and recognition to the charism of the Dominican Order. Fr. Daley delivered the commencement address.

The Pontifical Faculty congratulates our graduates!

2021 Graduates of the Pontifical Faculty

We are happy to announce that the Pontifical Faculty has conferred the following degrees by the authority of the Holy See and the District of Columbia:

Master of Arts (Theology)

Ms. Katherine BrizekM
Ms. Molly EgilsrudM
Hon. Edward GrantM
Ms. Theresa RylandM
Mr. Benjamin TrullM


Master of Arts (Thomistic Studies)

Sr. Beatrice Clarke, O.P.S
Sr. Amelia Hueller, O.P.+M
Sr. Augusta Nickel, O.P.+M
Sr. Marie Therese Pitlyk, O.P.M


Master of Divinity

Rev. Br. Isaiah Beiter, O.P.S
Rev. Br. Frassati Davis, O.P.†
Rev. Br. Josemaría Guzmán-Domínguez, O.P.S
Rev. Br. Reginald Hoefer, O.P.S
Br. Paul Marich, O.P.M
Rev. Br. Tyler Mentzer, M.I.C.M
Mr. Juan Ignacio Poodts, S.J.S.S
Rev. Mr. Aaron Stettler, S.J.S.†
Rev. Br. Simon Teller, O.P.S
Br. Matthew Tomeny, M.I.C.L

Baccalaureate of Sacred Theology

Rev. Br. Barthlolomew Calvano, O.P.L
Rev. Br. Frassati Davis, O.P.†
Rev. Br. Damian Day, O.P.S
Br. Elijah Dubek, O.P.S
Br. Nicholas Hartman, O.P.M
Rev. Br. Maximilian Jaskowak, O.P.S
Rev. Br. Bernard Knapke, O.P.S
Br. Dominic Koester, O.P.S
Br. Raymond La Grange, O.P.S
Rev. Br. Tyler Metzer, M.I.C.M
Rev. Br. Philip Nolan, O.P.S
Mr. Hermogenes Ramos Mejía, S.J.S.M
Rev. Br. James Ritch, O.P.L
Rev. Mr. Aaron Stettler, S.J.S.^†
Rev. Br. Luke VanBerkum, O.P.S

Licentiate in Sacred Theology

Rev. Timothy DanielM
Rev. Irenaeus Dunlevy, O.P.M
Rev. Bradley Elliott, O.P.M
Rev. Norbert Keliher, O.P.M
Br. Paul Marich, O.P.M
Mr. Brandon SchneiderM

† graduating in absentia
Degree conferred on August 28, 2020
+ Degree conferred on March 19, 2021

S – Summa cum laude
M – Magna cum laude

L – Cum laude

We congratulate our graduates and we look forward to the many ways they will serve the Lord and the Church by bringing the Good News of Salvation to the world!