Heeding God’s Call: A Tale of Faith, Service, and Seeking Truth

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The number of Dominican vocations continues to increase, and fervor for Dominican formation is growing in both the laity and religion.

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Heeding God’s Call: A Tale of Faith, Service, and Seeking Truth

Faith is not a static pursuit. It is a lifelong journey requiring us to be in tune with God’s will. Whether in a foreign land, on a battlefield, or in the comfort of our childhood home, if we prayerfully seek to recognize God’s call, He will guide us where He needs us to be.

“I wasn’t called to be a professor. I wasn’t called to be a teacher. I was called to go know God.”

These are the words of lifelong seeker Adamo Manfra as he summarizes his journey in faith. It is a faith sown while growing up in a Catholic household, fortified throughout his adolescent years, clarified while serving his country, and sharpened at The Dominican House of Studies. Even now, Adamo continually seeks clarity and growth in his professional life, and God continues to provide.

His statement encapsulates the profound essence of his journey through spirituality and the world. The constancy of being drawn to God in his life often appeared as detours, but ultimately, it illuminated the inspired path he was destined to follow. This path has taken him from the familiar pews of his childhood church to impactful roles in faith and public policy.

Roots in Faith and Service

Raised in a devout Catholic household, Adamo’s journey deepened from an early age. Moving from being passively taken to church to actively going marked his first steps toward spiritual autonomy.

“I was always active in my faith,” he stated, recalling how he and a friend initiated a second youth group night, demonstrating his early commitment to community and church leadership. This early engagement laid a strong foundation, embedding a commitment to faith that would guide his life’s trajectory.

Molded by Military Service

His commitment to service was further galvanized when he joined the Marine Corps, where he served for over six years, including a critical deployment to Afghanistan. It was here, amidst the starkness of military chapels and the rigors of duty, that his faith crystallized.

“It was all about Jesus,” he said, reflecting on the simplicity of daily Mass in a war zone. “It was a plywood chapel with plywood pews. Many of the people in attendance had rifles. It was a unique approach to worship for sure.”

With some of the superficial layers of the practice stripped away, the profound centrality of Christ in both the Gospel and Adamo’s life was made clear to him.

Navigating Hurdles: Theological Pursuit

The decision to delve deeper into theology emerged during his time in Afghanistan, encouraged by influential military chaplains and pivotal religious texts. He found himself actively considering ending his military career to pursue theology. During this time, he encountered numerous obstacles.

Each challenge posed the question: Is this a hurdle or a wall?

Through prayerful discernment, what seemed like insurmountable barriers were transformed into manageable hurdles by his steadfast faith and the guidance he received from God.

“God kept saying, yes, you can,” he recalled, acknowledging the divine encouragement that helped him navigate each decision point.

This period of discernment led him to the Dominican House of Studies, renowned for its rigorous academic approach to Catholic theology. Here, he immersed himself in the study of Thomas Aquinas, which proved transformative.

“If you want to see the world differently, to see it through God’s approach, DHS is where you need to be,” he asserted, highlighting how the institution shaped his understanding and equipped him to engage the world through a lens of faith.

Faith in Action: Public Policy and Advocacy

Today, his theological insights fuel his advocacy in public policy, where he champions biblical values in the public arena. This work represents a career shift and a continuation of his mission to live out his faith actively. He approaches complex social issues with a theological perspective, striving to infuse divine truth into public discourse and legislation, advocating for laws that reflect Biblical values and enhance the common good.

Legacy and Continuing Journey

Adamo Manfra’s journey, though somewhat unconventional, underscores a fundamental truth about faith: it is not static but a dynamic, lifelong pursuit. For him, every step is a move towards greater clarity, guided by the teachings of the Church and a steadfast belief in God’s presence in every facet of life.

Adamo Manfra’s collective experiences and receptiveness to God’s calls in their many forms exemplify a profound dedication to understanding and living out the truths of his faith. His story is a testament to the transformative power of spirituality that guides us through personal tempests and empowers us to effect meaningful change in the world.

We may not know where God is calling us or why, but we do know that if we heed His call, He will place us where He needs us most.

If reading Adamo’s story compels you to support our mission of creating highly educated advocates for Christ in a world that so desperately needs to hear Him, you may show your support here.

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